Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation


Gender Equality

AIPA research team explores gender analyses across sectors to examine the roles, rights, and responsibilities of men and women, as well as the obstacles, opportunities, and choices available in different contexts. Programmes are designed with the understanding that women and men may experience development issues differently. Our gender equality work recognizes this and ensures our services are offered in a multitude of ways so that everyone can benefit from our work. 

  • Increase equitable enrolment in a high-quality education environment
  • Work with the national government to develop and apply inclusive education policies and increase nongovernmental oversight of schooling
  • Improve women’s participation in local governance and development activities
  • Foster effective learning environments in a conflict-sensitive context

Women Empowerment

To address these inequalities, we lead activities that provide women with skills, resources, and access to participate fully in society. We are helping young women with skill based training for gainful employment and entrepreneurship, careers through innovative internship programmes.

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