Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation

Results through Sustainable Innovation

Thinking Differently

Innovation: AIPA's basic approach to Development

Dr Gopi N Ghosh

Director and Chief of Policy Research

Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation, New Delhi

Demography, natural resources, market dynamics, technology and climate - all are rapidly changing in this volatile world. With these changes the problems that the society faces - both long term and short term- are also assuming different dimensions. Rural poverty, food insecurity, urbanization and agriculture - all face unprecedented crises never experienced before. A large number of rural populace in India – predominantly poor- is still critically dependent on agriculture and other sundry rural avenues for their employment and livelihoods. The rural infrastructure that is expected to support health, education, drinking water, transport and communication and other basic services is unfortunately not keeping pace with the increasing need and demand of a billion plus people. The implementation of public service delivery is abysmal. A paradigm shift in thinking of the way we address the fundamental problems of our society and particularly of its economy is therefore urgently required. Greater emphasis is thus to be put on knowledge, information and innovation to cope up with such challenges.


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