Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation

Climate Change

  • Climate Resilience – livelihood option

In our approach, we are committed to improving policies and decision-making based on comprehensive climate information, while increasing the resiliency of the most vulnerable to withstand and recover from shocks and adopt climate resilience livelihood practices based on scientific evidence. Our policy is to work with scientific intuitions to use improved tools to capture and analyze data, help partners adapt to the “new normal” while also supporting mitigation efforts to address the root causes of climate change.

  • Awareness, learning and education

Promotion of education for citizens to make a difference in life as a public health measure.

  • Air pollution-Asthma and cardiovascular diseases
  • Changes in vector ecology- Malaria, Dengu, Encephalities, and Chikungunya
  • Extreme heat-Heat related illness and cardiovascular failure
  • Environmental degradation-Migration, civil conflict and mental health
  • Water and food supply- Malnutrition , diarrheal diseases  and cholera

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