Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation

Economic Growth

Skills and Micro- Entrepreneurship

Through market systems strengthening, AIPA helps to create, grow, and sustainmicro entrepreneurs engaged in Agri- business, handicrafts, trading and other small enterprises that stimulate economic growth. Using a facilitation approach, we work with local youth and services providers to improve market linkages, foster innovation and product development, and increase access to new or improved technologies. We work alongside entrepreneurs to improve their access to capital, enhance their technical skills and knowledge, and strengthen the sustainability of high-quality business development services — all of which leads to increases in enterprises, jobs, and incomes.To strengthen such initiative AIPA makes careful planning involving participants, professional entrepreneurship training, business innovation, guidance continuously for a period two years. Best results are shown when the products/ services of micro entrepreneurs are certified by a certification company which ensures quality mark and have a close market linkages with business establishments or trade enterprises. On an average 7 people are engaged with each micro entrepreneur. 


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