Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation


The institute objectives are guided by its principles which are drawn from the institute’s vision:

1. Practical problem- oriented research

The institute’s research activities address stakeholders’ concerns, balancing a practical, problem-oriented approach ( alternative models) based on the insights from across the social sciences, as well as law , human rights and citizens’ empowerment with a sound conceptual understanding of underlying patterns and processes of livelihood programme governance and sustainability.

2. Inter-sectoral approach

Our cross-cutting technical expertise will allow us to combine local field- practical experience ( with tested and created impact) with best practices from around the world, to bring the full breadth of our human experience to bear on designing innovative and sustainable development solutions.

3. Commitment to innovation

Implementing practice models at all levels: national, regional, and international will focus on the potential of multi-level governance in a globalising world ensuring positive impact on vulnerable communities specially groups surviving in cultures of poverty for generations

4. Impact

The institute’s initiative is to identify and develop opportunities for marginalized communities, and to design programmes which are scalable and sustainable to achieve true development impact, promote innovation, and adapt to client and beneficiary needs.

5. Ethics and reporting

To create stewardship for the common good , be transparent and empower others to take actions and make decisions through self-understanding and determination.

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