Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation


The institute's board encourages students, scientists and practicing professionals to be associated with the institute in different capacities.AIPA provides the opportunity to be associated with a prestigious organization whose work has an impact on important societal issues specially on poverty reduction,


 employment, economic growth, reducing health burden , gender issues etc. The fellowship programme is offered based on the board's invitation to distinguished individuals whose work ,involvement and ideas are stimulating and can help shape the fabric of better solutions to the challenges that vulnerable groups and communities face, and can make a difference in knowledge and scholarship.

Fellowship categories:

  • Distinguished Fellow
  • Senior Fellow
  • Fellow
  • Associate Fellowship:

The institute accept applications from scholars and practicing professionals who have a genuine interest in the mission of the Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation and are willing to learn more about the institution, its activities and willing to undertake research work in the domain areas of poverty alleviation, and maintaining a level of personal interaction with the Institution through attending and participating in programmes and events. Scholars will have the responsibility of introducing prospective supporters to the Institution through our materials, events, or other activities.


  • Senior Associate
  • Associate
  • Visiting Research Scholar
  • Research Scholar
  • Fellowship Program for Young Learners

The AIPA fellowship programme provides benefits through the transfer of knowledge, the definition of issues, and the clarification of perspectives for young students. Young learners Mentoring Programme -Fellows probe the technical, economic, finance, environmental, health ,social, economic, livelihood, media and institutional aspects of many issues related to social development. The priority programmes include Business Studies and Economy, Education and Skill Development, Democracy and Governance, Gender and Empowerment, Energy, Environment, Technology and Development, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood and Basic Health Services, as well as country policies and strategies in these areas.


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