Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation


Technology and Capacity building

We are committed to lead in establishing and developing the framework for demonstrating how agricultural technology can be used to improve farmers’ capacity-building efforts directed at improved crop practices with crop safety and quality standards in emerging market situation and improve their profit margins and implement innovative projects that achieve development impact. That’s why we build strategic partnerships that promote agricultural development, economic growth, and food security.

Agriculture and Nutrition

We connect with local farmers to identify relevant practice areas and support scalable public-private innovative partnerships in developing countries that bridge the gaps between agriculture and nutrition programmes to improve nutrition for the poor and undernourished.

Agri-business and Value-chain

To create an inclusive market system, we build the capacity of farmers and agribusinesses, strengthen linkages, and align profit incentives to ensure production is demand-driven and market-oriented. We foster mutually beneficial relationships between value chain actors, financial institutions, meeting quantity and quality standards, and post-harvest handling. We also engage local governments to invest in improved public extension services and market infrastructure.

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