Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation

The Event

'Leadership Insights: Building Better Life for the Vulnerable'

Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation ( AIPA ) is an independent development institute engaged in research, practice, public-private partnership and field projects to produce knowledge-based good governance, influence policy and encourage innovation to have a pro-poor impact. With this goal in view the Institute is organizing a focused dialogue of Government, Industry and Civil Society Partners on the theme on Monday, October 13th at 4.30 pm, at PHD House, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi. The focused dialogue will examine how companies, government and nongovernmental organizations can effectively collaborate and address the challenges of development in forging a viable link between business and development while creating an effective ecosystem particularly for the people living under extreme poverty.

AIPA Focused Dialogue Document On October 13th, 2014

AIPA- A FOCUSED DIALOGUE – October 13th 2014 (Video)

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