Asian Institute of Poverty Alleviation


AIPA is a new development institute established in 2013 to develop innovative approaches to effective research, practice , accountable governance and social entrepreneurship to foster strategic partnerships that bring together the public sector, civil society academia, as well as business.

The institute seeks to contribute to empower rural and urban poor communities to make informed choices for improving their social, economic, and health conditions leading to empowerment, poverty alleviation, sustainable livelihood and development initiatives .AIPA also seeks to develop partnership and strategic alliance with a global outlook and a focus on contributing to regional growth and development with vibrant research cultures , innovative practices, and responsible governance.

AIPA's strategy , approach and initiatives are built on the basis of its founders' three decades of field experience, policies related to economic growth, human rights, security, and issues related to development, the environment , youth development, and women's empowerment. AIPA's places a priority on applied research on cross-cutting topics , documentation, sharing of best practices through effective communication, leadership and effective action-learning.

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